July 15-16 2023 Atelierele Malmaison, 1st floor
MIRAJ is the joint effort of the independent collective L1, a community space whose main role is to support artistic work by encouraging art patronage at the Malmaison Workshops.
Starting July 15, at MIRAJ you can meet contemporary art in its various forms, with its creators. Marked by a pink door, the Malmaison Ateliers 1st floor space features artwork, limited edition prints, t-shirts and other original clothing or design items, cassettes, CDs and vinyl, books, zines, publications and other artist products. MIRAJ is, in fact, the environment that facilitates the meeting, a kind of prototype for new forms of encouraging a habit of owning or giving art or artist objects and direct sponsorship of artistic work.
On Saturday and Sunday, between 16:00-20:00, we celebrate the opening of MIRAJ with art, live music, interesting talks and cold lemonade, on the 1st floor of Atelierele Malmaison, Calea Plevnei 137c, building B, pink door from the gray hall.
L1 encourages artistic, cultural and identity diversity and does not tolerate discriminatory, hateful or degrading attitudes.
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Artwork @covrigue

29-30 April 2023, 14:00-20:00 ✨ Clothing, shoes, books, records, tapes, cameras, trinkets and many other objects used by the L1 artists are waiting for the general public in Bucharest during the two days. Many of the items at the Fair will be free to take home, but the community cannot handle donations of items from the public. Now in its 2nd year, the Malmaison Used Objects Fair is a fundraising event that aims to support the community’s presence in the space while promoting a form of circular economy 🌱 All bodies are welcome. Discriminatory and hateful attitudes are not tolerated. Unfortunately, the 1st floor is not accessible to people with mobility difficulties.

Timeframe: 16-18 December 2022
The first edition of the Independent Art Fair took place under the name of The Krampus Fair. The fair is a fundraising event featuring works produced by artists from the community and their guests, in various forms and techniques: original artworks and prints, zines and books, cassettes, CDs and records, ceramics, clothing, toys, designer items and more.
✨ covrig + Veta Jones + Adriana Preda + Cătălin Velea + Nicoleta Moise + Otto Constantin + Livia Fălcaru + Lea Rasovszky + Miruna Radovici + Mihail Coșulețu + Loreta Isac-Cojocaru + Constantin Cojocaru + Atelier MUC + MATKA + Rezidența21 alături de prieteni foarte buni: Brașov + Andrei Arion + Beatrice Arzoiu + Andra Mirea + Tudor Cioroiu + Denise Lobonț + Booksforfriends + CUTRA + Fractalia + Institutul Cristea + Beach Buddies Records ✨

Surprise guests: Schwab live act

The L1 fundraising events are intended to support the artistic work and the presence of the collective in the space.

Timeframe: 19-20 November 2022
The Thrift Fair is a biannual fundraising event aimed at supporting the collective’s presence in the space, while promoting a form of circular economy. 
The fair features items used by the artists in the community such as: clothes, shoes, books, cameras, records, tapes and many other useful or enjoyable objects available by donation or for free.

Timeframe: september – november 2022
Artists: Andrei Arion, Anca Bucur, Alex Baciu, Otto Constantin, Mihail Coșulețu, covrig, Veta Jones, Nicoleta Moise, Mircea Popescu, Adriana Preda, Miruna Radovici, Lea Rasovszky, Cătălin Velea.
The project followed 3 main lines of action: supporting the current research and artistic production interests of artists and artists in the community, bringing the public closer to contemporary art through workshops on cultural education for children and visits in the art studios, creating a framework for debate on the sustainability of independent cultural spaces
Workshops for children aged 9-13:
Zine Zone – zine workshop with covrig
Slime workshop with Otto Constantin
Collage and DIY workshop with Lea Rasovszky
Dynamic painting workshop with Adriana Preda
Embroidery workshop with Veta Jones 

Participants in the debate on the sustainability of independent artistic production spaces: Mihai Burcea (historian, researcher at the National Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism), Istvan Szakats (artist, curator and independent cultural producer, former President of the Paintbrush Factory, Cluj), Olivia Mihălțianu (artist, Association of Artists of Malmaison), Lea Rasovszky (artist, co-founder and vice-president of MATKA), Mihaela Ștefan (Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Sector 6, Bucharest), Alexandra Stoica (architect, National Heritage Institute), Iulian Bulai (President of the Culture Commission of the Chamber of Deputies), Iulia Popovici (parliamentary advisor on culture), arh. Vlad Stoica, Matei Câlția (Posible Gallery), Mihaela Cîrjan (independent cultural manager, co-founder and president of MATKA).
The project Art and Community was co-funded by the Municipality of Sector 6 of Bucharest within the framework of the Culture 2022 Programme. For detailed information about the funding programme of the City Hall of Sector 6 of Bucharest, please visit 
Partner: IVAN Gallery
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