A space made by artists for artists

L1 is a multidisciplinary collective of artists operating on principles of solidarity, collaboration, flexibility, community development and social involvement. L1 is also a community space that houses, on the 1st floor of Atelierele Malmaison, artist studios, an art shop and various events. 

The community functions mainly through the independent efforts of those who are part of it, which sometimes materialize in collaborative multi- inter- and trans-disciplinary projects, programs and cultural exchanges based on common principles and values. The community’s activities seek to advocate for the recognition and sustainability of artistic work, strengthen the presence of the independent artistic community in the space, highlight the historical and cultural value of the Malmaison building, and build relevant connections between the public and contemporary art in its various forms. 

L1 aims to become a long-term, stable support infrastructure for artists in the community and other cultural workers in need of affordable and accessible studios. To this end, the community is also developing various activities to encourage patronage in the arts or for accessing funding. 

The community seeks to actively oppose gentrification practices in the space and area and is open to collaborating with public institutions, other organisations and the local community in the Plevnei – Gara de Nord area and surrounding areas to develop support programmes for local residents.

L1 does not rent workshops, production or event spaces.

L1 encourages artistic, cultural and identity diversity and does not tolerate discriminatory, hateful or demeaning attitudes.

*MIRAJ is a community space whose role is to encourage patronage as a method of supporting artistic work. Miraj functions as a physical and online art store, but also as a small, non-profit exhibition space on the 1st floor of the Malmaison building.

This website was created as part of the project L1 – Collaborative Space for Contemporary Art. The project is co-funded by the Bucharest Municipality through ARCUB as part of the Bucharest Home Program 2023. The contents of this website do not in any way necessarily represent the official position of the Municipality of Bucharest or ARCUB. For detailed information about the funding program by the Bucharest Municipality through ARCUB, you can visit www.arcub.ro.