Adriana Preda


Adriana Preda builds her visual universe in a intimate, chaotic and spontaneous way. Without the fear of giving too many autobiographical details, she keeps a visual journal based around the feminine entity and the psychic processes that she encounters daily through social and political oppression; anger, frustration, regret but mostly cringe are the states that Adriana is interested in. Often seeing her art process as catharsis, she`s transforming the outburst or the breakdown into authentic and deep forms of expression. Her characters`s moods swing from seductive and cheeky to stressed and angry,  describing a metaphoric war between the need of  self-expression and the shame that we might encounter in the process. These personal issues take shape trough bi or tridimensional objects, made out of different materials that she paints over  like street found objects,  home textiles, leather pieces or clothes found at flea markets which Adriana regularly attends to.